Welcome to the blog (and my life)

I don’t have a defining event or light-bulb moment that led me to writing this blog. I think, in fact, it has always been a creative idea endlessly gnawing at my soul.

Life passes us by so quickly. I am in my mid-40s now and I am always shocked when I look in the mirror. Who are you? When did “this” happen? Ah yes, “this” happened during the time I have been too busy being a mom, an employee, a caregiver, a griever (is that even a word?), a patient – the list is fairly endless. “This” happened right under my nose but my head was too buried in my life to see it.

When I was younger (with that I mean my 20s) I remember dreaming of writing a novel. I had no idea about what but I just wanted to express myself creatively. Heck, I had loads of dreams.  Then, as we all tend to experience, life took over.  My life, for as long as I can remember, has been hectic and riddled with trauma.  My strange little brain loves to hold onto the tragic moments and wipe clean any good ones. I am still trying to remember pleasant times in my childhood and early twenties but I think, dear reader, they may have been flushed from my mental filing cabinet. You never know, this blog may open up a door to those locked memories. We shall see.

You might be asking – what is this blog about exactly? As you can see by its title, it is about the creative mind: MY creative mind. I will use this space as an outlet for digging deeper into life:  past, present and future.  Will it be a joyful and fun read? Some days yes, some days no. It’s here to help me live life more fully, to nurture courage and to explore creativity. It is here for reflection, for connection and for hope.

A Curious Mind is my mental melting pot – filled with all sorts of different ideas, memories and insights; the odd, the quirky, the amusing, the fascinating and the downright sad events of my life. For the first time in my existence, I am not afraid to share with the world. There is no need for a Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak or wearing a Martha Stewart mask.  I am here to be me; to feel and write about my life. Welcome to my journey.