The Dilemma of Online Shopping and MORE !

Ever find yourself in a situation where you think “ok, life has finally settled down” and then boom, more drama?

Well here I sit trying to absorb even more changes.  Not wanting to get into too much detail, some life changes have taken place that we are adapting too (in addition to the latest downsizing) plus my son is off for day surgery soon at the local Children’s Hospital. Nothing too drastic I guess some would say:  bye bye 4 wisdom teeth.  But when you put son + surgery into a sentence you get “panicked mother”.  He has had dental surgery before under total sedation and was up and about post-surgery within hours.  So as far as he is concerned, I am sure he will sail through this like he did last time.  Myself, on the other hand, will require sedatives and a week of post-op rest!

On a different and less intense note, I recently did some online shopping.  I was so eager for the package of clothing to arrive that I nearly sliced through a gorgeous striped tunic in my haste to rip open the box.  And that is when the joy started to subside.  Never have I had a bra ride up my back so high that I could I could almost see it through my shirt collar (and yes I know my size and this was in my size!),  or have a pair of capris that both tweedle dee and tweedle dum could easily fit into at THE SAME TIME!  Last but not least, the oh so trendy tunic vest, I thought would go great with a dress I purchased last year.  Yikes.  I need to start toning my biceps or accept that sleeveless simply is no longer an option.  So I packaged up the returns and off they went.   Note to self: go into stores and try things on!  That said, I did score a few lovely new pieces from this last online jaunt so it wasn’t all bad.

The thing is, I hate shopping in stores.   Easily overwhelmed and crisping under fluorescent lights, I particularly dread the “trying on” phase or the salesperson guessing what size I am. It could end in tears or homicide. Rarely does it end well.   I think in the last year I have had one major in store shopping success. The rest have been duds.  I usually just end up in Bath and Body Works buying soaps I don’t need and candles that I never light.  No clothing purchases in sight.

Maybe a personal challenge is a good idea – the next time I see something online I like, I will check store inventory and go and try that specific piece on IN PERSON.  Then let’s see where the excursion takes me!